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Export of first Chinese-made Iveco trucks will begin in December

Dec 05,2012 00:00:00

The first batch of Chinese made Iveco heavy trucks will be exported overseas beginning in December, reported today. The Ivecos, which are manufactured by the new SAIC-Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle joint venture, will be destined for sale in Africa, the Middle East and other various regions.

SAIC Hongyan and the Fiat's Iveco joint venture first announced a new vehicle export plan for Chinese-made versions of its Genlyon models this September. Soon after gaining the Italian manufacturer's approval, the JV was able to put its export plans into action. According to reports, the Iveco Genlyon will adhere to strict production and assembly standards established by European bodies. The vehicles have further been inspected and tested by experts from Iveco. The Genlyon bound for foreign markets is reportedly identical to those sold in the domestic market under the Hongyan label (pictured above).

There have already been over 1,000 foreign orders placed for the Iveco Genlyon, with 660 of those already ready for shipment next month. The JV anticipates orders for the Genlyon to exceed 4,000 next year.



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